3 Facebook Advanced Security Features To Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

February 1, 2011

in Internet

Well before getting into the matter of this post, first of all, I apologize to all sincere VirginTech readers for being away for such a long time and putting no content here on VirginTech. Hopefully from now onwards I will be a bit consistent.

Anyway, lets move on to the main motive of this post that’s about making your Facebook account more secure with Facebook advanced security features which are namely HTTPS secure connection, login notifications and Facebook On time passwords. All these features could be extremely helpful to you if you frequently access facebook over unsecured Wi-Fi networks or on public computers. Lets get to them one by one.

1] Facebook HTTPS Secure Connection:

HTTPS secure connection is basically intended to create a secure connection on a network that’s itself insecure. The main idea of introducing this site wide HTTPS secure connection is to ensure that that the user’s sensitive account information is not intercepted by hackers and phishing attacks are avoided.

facebook https connection
To enable sitewide Facebook HTTPS secure connection, simply go to Account Security located in your Facebook Account Settings and Check the box below Secure Browsing (https)

2] Facebook Login Notifications:

Facebook login notifications are meant to warn or notify you whenever there is unauthorized access to your facebook account. When someone logs into your account with a new device or a device which has not been registered by you already then Facebook sends the login notifications corresponding to those unauthorized logins.

We have already written before about how you can enable the login Notifications. Check out this link: How to Avoid Facebook Account Hacks by Enabling Login Notification Feature

3] Facebook On time Passwords:

If you’re reluctant (you should be!) to access your facebook from a public location or accessing facebook over an unsecured Wi-Fi network then making use of the Facebook On Time Passwords would be the best move.

So how do you get a facebook On Time Password?, Well thats pretty straightforward! Simply use your mobile phone to text OTP to 32665 or FBOOK . Once you sent the message you will recieve a unique password, which you can use only once, and it will expire after 20 minutes.

Here is a short video that briefly explains the implementation of all the three advanced security features  we mentioned above.

If you enable or make use of all the above mentioned security features with your facebook account then undoubtedly they will make your facebook experience more secure and hack free. We hope you liked them all. Make sure you drop in your comments in case you have something to say over these security features. We love to hear from you.

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1 Claudia February 10, 2011 at 4:50 am

On time passwords are great!!


2 Rakesh Kumar February 22, 2011 at 11:28 pm

These security are essentials and everyone should adopt. Thanks


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