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Why Should You Advertise With Us?:
VirginTech started in 2008 as a technology blog and since then its getting better and better day by day in terms of Visitor & Subscriber Stats, Search engine Rankings etc. VirginTech gets visitors from countries all around the world and more than 60% of total visitors are from USA. VirginTech gets more than 85% of the visitors from Search engines, especially from Google therefore our visitors could reach your products/services quite easily if you will advertise with us.

VirginTech Stats:

Monthly Visits: 36,000+

Monthly Pageviews: 48,800+

Current Alexa Rank: 300K

Compete Rank: 500k

Look at the screenshots below (Source: Google Analytics), they depict our monthly traffic, traffic sources, and regions all around the world from where our traffic comes.


VirginTech Traffic Stats


VirginTech Traffic Sources


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Note: Discounts would be available on long term advertising.

Some other modes of advertising are also available like text link ads, reviews etc, So if you are interested in advertising with us then choose your mode of advertisement from various advertising modes given above and write back to us at