Microsoft Bing Visual Search: Now Search By Images With Bing Visual Search

September 16, 2009

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According to study conducted by Microsoft Research, users can process results with images 20% faster than text only results. So keeping this point in mind Microsoft has introduced a new search feature called Visual Search in its Bing Search Engine. In case of Visual search, search results are displayed in terms of images instead of text and text links and the images are used to navigate among the search results.

Bing Visual Search

How to enable/access Microsoft Bing’s Visual search: Bing’s Visual seacrh feature is powered by Microsoft silverlight. So if you don’t have it already then download it from this link: Download Microsoft Silverlight . Once downloaded, install the Microsoft silverlight. Now go to to access the bing’s Visual seacrh. But please make sure you’re using the United States version of the Bing (More on this below).

Bing’s Visual search works only for some specific topics. Available visual search niches are entertainment, famous people, reference, shopping and sports. All these niches have subcategories also, like when you click on the Shopping niche you can search for Cellphones, Digital cameras, HDTV’s , Portable GPS, New cars etc. A Click on any of the subcategories will result into an image grid which is sorted automatically. Suppose if you click on Cellphones, then bing will show you up various cellphones in an image grid sorted by their  brand.

Presently Bing’s Visual Search is available to only those visitors who are using the United States version of Bing search engine. To find out whether you are using the United States version of Bing or not simply look for the country mentioned in the top right corner of the bing’s homepage. If that country is United States then its well & good but if its not United States then you will get the Page not found error whenever you will try to access the Bing Visual search feature.

So to access the Bing’s visual search from outside U.S you are required to change  the country to United States.

Recommended reading for Bing users: If you’re a bing user then you can very easily integrate or add bing search in opera, Firefox, I.E and Chrome. Please read this to do it. How To Add Bing Search To Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE: Microsoft Bing Tips

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1 Peter September 18, 2009 at 1:42 pm

When it will be available outside United states. Any Idea?


2 Shahab September 18, 2009 at 11:59 pm

No idea about that but we will let you know once it is available.


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