Disable Copying of Files, Folders and Text In Windows: PC Security

November 19, 2009

in Tools & Extras

If you have some files , folders, or text on your windows computer and you want to keep them accessible by others while not allowing anyone to copy them from your Windows PC then M File Anti-Copy could be a right choice for you. M file Anti-Copy is a pretty little tool, most importantly a free tool, to prevent or disable copying of files , folders and text in Windows.

So here is how you can disable copying of files, folders and text in Windows. First of all download the Anti copy tool from this link M File Anti-Copy. Install it and activate the tool.

M File Anti-Copy

Once anti-copy tool is active, it will disable the copying of files, folders and text in windows. Even if you copy any file or folder or text, this tool wouldn’t allow you to paste it anywhere. Click on deactivate to disable the anti-copy feature.

If Program Is Active And You Need Copy a File You Can Use File Copy From Tools Menu And Copy Your File …
If Program Is Active And You Need To Move a File You Can Select File Move From Tools Menu And Move Your File(s)

If you want to copy a file while keeping anti-copy feature active, you can use File copy from tools menu. Similarly you can move a file, while keeping the anti-copy tool active, by selecting File move from tools menu.

We hope you will find this tool useful, do let us know in comments if you use some other means to disable file copying in Windows.

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