Download Facebook Photo Albums With FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader

August 22, 2009

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People share lots of photos on facebook with their friends, relatives etc. Sometimes they like some photos too much that they go for downloading them by right clicking them and selecting “Save image as”. Well actually this downloading solution holds  good only if few selected photos in a photo album are to be downloaded.

So is there any way to download the whole facebook album, having a large number of photos, without right clicking all of them one by one? Well the answer is yes! You just need to download FacePAD, a cool firefox addon better known as facebook album downloader that will download you friends facebook album just with one click.

FacePAD: Facebook photo album downloader

How to download facebook photo albums with FacePAD?

FacePAD is really very easy to use, just follow few simple steps:

Step1: Download FacePAD addon from this link: FacePAD: Facebook album downloader and install it in your firefox broswer. Restart the firefox to enable FacePAD.

Step2: Now right click on any facebook album that you want to download and select Download album with FacePAD.


Now you will see a javascript pop-up, telling you that it has begun downloading the selected album. PressOk’ in it and you’re done. All the album photos will be downloaded to default firefox downloads directory.

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1 photo book albums September 27, 2010 at 11:14 am

Awesome instruction as i am an avid Facebook user and i periodically upload my own pictures there and also download lots of pictures of my friend and this firefox tool extension would surely increase my work output by also reducing the time as well. Thanks for sharing your idea with us and i have referred it to my all avid Facebook users..


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