Facebook Privacy Changes Announced: Regional Networks Removed

December 3, 2009

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that in the next few weeks facebook will roll out its new privacy settings just to give you extra control on your facebook privacy. Every single user on facebook will be affected by the new facebook privacy settings. Facebook’s new privacy settings will give users the ability to control who sees each individual piece of content they create or upload.


Changes in Facebook’s privacy settings:

Facebook will make three major changes in its privacy settings. These changes are

1] Facebook will remove regional networks: If you have opted to share your content and updates in the networks on facebook, then this setting will affect you. Facebook is no longer considering cities and regions as networks. If you were previously affiliated with a regional network, this location is now listed in the “Current City” or “Current Region” field of your profile.

Why facebook has removed regional networks? Regional networks have a large size generally. Some regional networks on facebook are having even millions of members. The only thing that’s going to be badly affected by the large size of regional networks is the privacy of user’s who have joned any network and opted for content sharing within a network.

When you are sharing updates and content with in a network then it gets shared unintentionally with every user in that network and this is what you most users didn’t want actually.

2] Better control on Sharing Content: With new privacy settings you can easily control who sees each piece of individual content you create or upload on facebook.

On official facebook blogOlaoluwa explained this new feature.

With new privacy settings every time you publish content into your stream you are able to control which people can access that specific piece of content. After writing a status, uploading a photo or creating other content from the Publisher, use the lock icon in the lower-right corner of the Publisher to access the drop-down menu. From there, you can then choose to make the post visible to:

facebook new privacy settings

  • Everyone: Anyone, on or off, of Facebook can see it.
  • Friends and Networks: People you have confirmed as friends and people in any school or work networks that you’ve joined can see it.
  • Friends of Friends: Anyone who is friends with a friend of yours can see it.
  • Friends: Only people you have confirmed as friends can see it.
  • Custom: Choose any friend or Friend List to include or exclude from seeing that piece of content.

3] Simpler Privacy Settings page: Facebook will also combine some settings on their privacy settings page to make the overall privacy settings page simpler to deal with.

We hope that all these feature will strengthen user’s privacy on facebook. Do let us know what you feel about these changes in facebook privacy settings.

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