Five Great Add-ons For Firefox

September 23, 2008

in Tools & Extras

Have a look at some of the Firefox addons that could really make your digital life easy.

1: FasterFox: is a Mozilla Firefox extension that tweaks network connection and caches web pages in order to decrease page loading time. Infact it is one of the most debatable addons ever made.Dynamic speed increases can be obtained with the unique prefetching mechanism, which recycles idle bandwidth by silently loading and caching all of the links on the page you are browsing.

2: Public Fox: block downloads, Prevent browser changes, Locks down all Add-ons, Preferences, ‘about:config’, Bookmarks. It also blocks unwanted Web Sites and all this blocking requires just a central password.

3: Stealther: is for you if there are times you want to surf the web without leaving a trace in your local computer.I actually disables following things temporarily.
– Browsing History (also in Address bar), cookies.
– Downloaded Files History, Recently closed tab list, etc.

4: Foxmarks: is a bookmark synchronizer for you if you use Firefox on more than one computer. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. You can also log in to to manage your bookmarks from any computer.

5: Clipmarks: Instead of linking to entire web pages, Clipmarks lets you clip exactly what you want others to see. Our browser add-on lets you save and share what you’re reading on the web with greater precision than is possible with links. There are lots of things you can do with your clips:
-Save them to
-Post them directly to your blog.
-Email to your friends.

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