How to Fix Stuck/Dead Pixels on iPhone Screen

December 28, 2009

in Tools & Extras

Stuck or dead pixels stuck on a color that don’t refresh with screen redraws. To overcome this problem there is a web app called Pixel Fix for iPhone, that’s intended to aid you in correcting stuck/dead pixels on your iPhone screen.

iphone stuck dead pixel
Unlike many other online unsuccessful solutions, which uses animated GIF’s to correct the stuck pixel problem,  this app uses a javascript to rotate colors by actual hex# at a high frequency to excite pixels and hopefully release their stuck state.

The developer of this app recommends you to consider the following two points while you’re testing for dead/stuck pixels:

1: Adjust your screen brightness to high.

2: Rotate your screen to check pixels in landscape and horizontal view.

The app developer doesn’t guarantee that this app will remove/unstick your iPhone stuck pixels but still giving it a try would be a nice move.

Link: Pixel Fix for iPhone

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