Google Chrome 4.0 Released With Extensions and Bookmark Sync

January 26, 2010

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Google has now released Chrome 4.0, which is the latest stable version of its browser for Windows users. The two most important features in this release are Extensions and Bookmarking Sync. Also Chrome 4.0 is pretty much faster than its version 3.0.

With Extensions feature you can enhance the functionality of your browser by adding new abilities to it as per your needs. You can manage your added extensions by clicking on the Tools icon ( located on the top right corner ) and then clicking on Extensions. Unlike the installation of extension in Firefox, you don’t have to restart the browser to install an extension in Chrome. This makes the installation of Extensions easier and faster too.

Another new feature in Chrome 4.0 is Bookmark Sync which makes it easy to keep the same set of bookmarks on multiple computers. To enable the bookmark syncing open a new tab in the browser. At the bottom look for bookmark Sync link. Click on it, a pop-up will appear asking you to login with your Google account details.

Chrome Bookmark Sync

Once you are logged in, your bookmarks will get stored online in your Google Account. Now to get the same bookmarks on another computer , just repeat the same setup process on that computer (i.e by clicking on Bookmark sync button at the bottom of new tab and following rest of the steps.)

You can download Google Chrome 4 from the official Google Chrome website. The web browser is currently only available for Windows PCs.

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