Google Chrome’s Security Bug

September 6, 2008

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Security researchers detected a buffer overflow vulnerability in Google’s web browser i.e “Google chrome”, which could enable the remote attackers to completely take control over the user’s computer.

This detected buffer overflow vulnerability, deemed critical by security experts, actually it is the result of a boundary error in the handling of the “Save As” function. If a user saves a Web page serving malicious content, the program could cause a stack-based overflow error, which could open the door for remote hackers to unleash malicious code on a user’s machine.

Remote attackers could then exploit the flaw by constructing a specially crafted Web page infused with malicious code. The attacker could then entice a victim to open and then save the infected page, which would subsequently download malicious code onto the victim’s computer and give the attacker complete access to the affected system.

Google Chrome

This latest buffer overflow vulnerability of Google chrome is one of about half a dozen errors detected in the newly released beta Web browser, about half of which allow for remote code execution, experts say. Another vulnerability, that was discovered shortly after the browser’s release was a carpetbombing glitch that stemmed from a fundamental flaw in the underlying user agent Safari 3.1.

However experts say that several Chrome beta version flaws are anticipated and will likely be worked out with the final version as the browser is subsequently tested.

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