Google Lowers Nexus One Upgrade Price: Nexus One Pricing Update

January 16, 2010

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We have already shared with you the pricing of Google Nexus one, but now Google has lowered the Nexus One pricing. So if you haven’t got your Nexus One by now, its the right time to go for one.

Due to high upgrade cost for Nexus One on T-Mobile, Google and T-Mobile have now reduced the Nexus One upgrade price by $100 for eligible T-Mobile customers. So the effective Nexus One price for eligible upgraders (more on this below) now is $279 instead of $379.


According to article published on PCWorld, T-Mobile customer service confirmed the price drop and there are two conditions that needs to be satisfied for being an eligible upgrader.

Firstly, You must qualify for a “full grade” upgrade, meaning you must have had service with T-Mobile for at least 22 months since your last upgrade or new contract. Also, the $100 price cut is available only for “individual” and “regular” customers, meaning those with family account packages would not qualify.

So final Google Nexus One pricing details are: $529 for an Unlocked version, $279 for Eligible T-mobile upgraders, $179 for New T-Mobile customer with two year contract.

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1 Morgan January 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

I’ve already got one! But i will get the 100$ refund for this new Nexus one prcing, so no big issue 🙂


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