Improved Google Search Snippets Makes Your Google Search Quicker and Easier

September 28, 2009

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Whenever you type in your query in google search engine it shows you up few lines of text which is known as Search snippet. It is this search snippet that gives you an idea  how a particular search result page as a whole relates to your search query. Actually when you type in your query in google search engine, google excerpts the content near and around that query term which is present on a search result page. That excerpted content is then displayed in search snippet.

Now, suppose if only a particular section of a webpage is relevant to your query then looking out the whole article to figure out that relevant section of a webpage is obviously a waste of time. So to avoid this google has made two improvements in its search snippets.

Firstly, google search snippets now shows “Anchor linkswhich will take you to the sections of the web page which are most relevant to your query. You can see the improved google search snippets with anchor link in screenshot shown below.

Google search snippets

The second improvement in the google search snippets is the introduction of the “Jump To” links. Both Anchor link and Jump to links take you to the same page of the main link, but they anchor you down or jump you to a specific point on the page. Screenshot below shows you how a Jump To link looks like.

Google Jump to Links

Google’s explanation to these two improvements in the search snippets:

First, ensure that long, multi-topic pages on your site are well-structured and broken into distinct logical sections. Second, ensure that each section has an associated anchor with a descriptive name (i.e., not just “Section 2.1″), and that your page includes a “table of contents” which links to the individual anchors. The new in-snippet links only appear for relevant queries, so you won’t see it on the results all the time — only when we think that a link to a section would be highly useful for a particular query.

What’s your say on these improvements? Do let us know in comments.

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1 Mike October 1, 2009 at 6:57 pm

No doubt finding information with these two types of links would be much easier!
But dont know why they have been given different names when they are doing almost a similar job.?


2 Shahab October 1, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Well mike thanks for commenting..BTW just read the last para in the post once more. I am sure you will get your answer 🙂


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