How to Preview Short URL’s To Avoid Short URL Phishing, Malwares and Viruses

August 8, 2010

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There are many URL Shortening services on the web like, etc and all of them are for converting the lengthy URL’s into the shorter ones. Shortened URLs not just make the sharing of links easy in fact they come in very handy when it comes to sharing links  on sites which are message length limited like Twitter.

The only problem with shortened URLs is that before visiting the link you can’t predict at all what the shortened link is all about because  shortened URL simply looks like this:

These links may contain viruses, malwares or they may even lead you to spam or phishing sites. So its always better to examine or preview such kind of links if they are not from genuine source.

How to Preview/Examine Short URL’s to avoid Phishing, Malwares and viruses:

There are many online services that allows you to preview a shortened link. Among all of them the one we liked the most is as it provides  provides the screenshot of the webpage too along with the Webpage title, Meta description and Meta keyword information of the webpage. Depending on how frequently you encounter the shortened links there are two methods to choose from:

Method 1:

If you rarely find shortened URLs and don’t want to install any script or add-on to preview them then this method is for you. To preview any shortened URL,  go to , enter the shortened URL in the given space and then hit the expand button.

Preview Shortened URL

It will show you the expanded URL (the actual URL), the thumbnail of the webpage that you’re about to visit, Meta description, meta keywords information and the title of the webpage.

Exapnded URL longurl

Method 2:

This method will suit you if you are a heavy internet user (especially for bloggers) and you come across the shortened links quite frequently. In this case we recommend you to install a longURL tool as either a Firefox extension or Greasemonkey script. Doing this will allow you to preview or examine a short URL without visiting the longURL website.

Once you’re done with the installation you can examine or preview any shortened link by simply hovering the mouse over it.

Preview Shortened Link

You can see in the screenshot above that by simply hovering the mouse on the shortened link the title of the webpage and its actual URL can be previewed.

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1 Jaganmangat October 22, 2010 at 8:43 pm

very nice info,this is the simplest way to see the long url behind the short url and dude the Mozilla add on does not work with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox[like 3.6.11 every one is using this version].


2 Shahab November 2, 2010 at 7:04 am

Thanks for pointing it out. I hope the add on developer will update its compatibility to support the new firefox version.


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