How To Scan Files Online For Free With 24 Online Antivirus: Scan Files Without Downloading To Computer

July 28, 2009

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Normally we scan the suspicious files for viruses after downloading them to our computer but now there is a much better way to scan them. You can scan files that are virus suspected for free without downloading them to your computer with 24 online antivirus. This free online file scanning service is offered by novirusthanks.


Features of this free online scanning service:

– Free and independent service
– Use of multiple antivirus engines
– Automatic updates of virus signatures
– Detailed results from each antivirus engine
– Advanced details of file analyzed
– BBCode support
– Binder Detector

Here is what you have to do for scanning a file without downloading it to your computer.

1: Go to Novirusthanks and click on the “Scan web address” tab.


2: Now provide the address of the file, that you want to be scanned for viruses, in the field “Web Address To Scan”. Finding address of the file is very easy, just right click on the download link of the file to be scanned and select “Copy Link location”. Paste that copied link in the field “Web address to scan”.

3: After entering file address (Web address) click on the “Submit Address” button and its all done. Within few seconds or a minute you will get the report for the scanning of your file.

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1 Peter July 30, 2009 at 11:59 pm

Nice found!
Though norton is not on the list but still some good ones are there.



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