Krento: 3D Desktop Application Launcher For Windows

December 29, 2009

in Tools & Extras

If you are now bored with your cluttured old desktop look (almost full of icons) then the time has come to consider a change. Try Krento, its a cool 3D desktop application launcher for Windows that gives your desktop a great look.

Krento_desktop organiser

Once krento is downloaded and installed, run the application from its desktop shortcut and a Krento icon will start appearing in your system tray, also you will notice mouse wheels in the lower right corner of your PC screen (indicated by red arrow).
Krento 3D Desktop Application launcher for windows
Now to open up Krento application launcher either double on these mouse wheels OR Right-click on the Krento system tray icon and then click on Show/Hide Krento Stones.
Show_Hide Krento Stones
There is a short-cut also to bring this application launcher up and down. Just press Win+C keys together or simply double click the mouse wheels (or pulsars). To add your desired applications in krento simply drag and drop the shortcuts of application into the blocks, which krento refers to as stones.

Really, Krento is a great and easy to use app to launch applications in windows with almost no CPU or memory usage. Its really worth trying. Hope you’ll enjoy using it.

Download: Krento

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