Powcell’s Incredible Light Powered Charging Solution For Smartphones

January 23, 2009

in Gadget,News

Just get your hands on Powcell’s green charging sleeves and you wouldn’t have to bother again for your clumsy wall mounted chargers. Powcell’s charging sleeves fits onto the back of a mobile phone and gently charges the unit without the need for cables. Powcell’s charging sleeves has got a unique charging system that works by drawing on any light source including sun & most ambient light sources.

Apart from powering your phone, powcell sleeve also acts as protective cover and protects your phone from scratches, impact damages and also it enhances the life of the phone’s internal battery because of the eco-friendly way with which it charges your smartphone. Currently Powcell is available for pre-order for Apple iPhone both 3G & the original one, iPod touch and Blackberry Curve and is expected to ship at the end of February at a cost of around £60/USD$89.

[Ref: Powcell.com]

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