Preview Rar, Zip, Iso Files Online Using ArchView

September 22, 2009

in Tools & Extras

Sometimes situation demands you to check the content of archive file before download. So if you ever find yourself in that situation then give a try to ArchView. It’s a great firefox Add-on that lets you preview .rar, .zip, .iso files online. ArchView opens the archive file online without downloading the whole archive.

Archview - Preview Archive files online

How to Preview Archive files online with ArchView? Firstly download the ArchView firefox addon. Restart the firefox browser to get it working. Now click on the link of any zip file and ArchView will open that zip file just like a windows explorer window, showing you the content of that zip file.

Features of ArchView Add-on:

  1. Instead of downloading whole archive content you can open or download an individual files.
  2. Supports RAR and ZIP archives and ISO CD image.
  3. Directly access archive files on Web or FTP server.
  4. Support HTTP, FTP and file: protocols.
  5. ArchView fetches only necessary data rather than the whole archive file.

Recommended Reading: If you don’t have any software on your computer to unzip the archive files then try unzipping them online with WobZip. Check this out  Extracting Files Online From Popular Zip Formats With

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