Tegra – It’s a second computer revolution

August 31, 2008

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With in a hood of a phone it’s just a 12 mm tiny sliver of silicon. It has got the capability of performing all the functions like – accessing the web; download audio and video at ‘3G’ broadband speeds; turn the device into an FM radio, a voice recorder, music player or a movie player. And yes, it also makes phone calls or send text messages. It’s called Tegra.

It is the most advance single-chip computer in the world. Phone equipped with tegra can can run a film trailer consuming very little power of about 1 watt ,in what we call 1080p format, that means full high definition video of a quality for which we in India have to wait for a couple of years, unless we go for the new Bluray DVDs to get a partial feel.

Tegra Chip

“It’s a second computer revolution,” says NVIDIA’s founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. “We chose the Windows Mobile platform to test our chip, and we are working with Via (maker of low power PC chips) to complete the ecosystem for a visually exciting smart phone. We want to put 3-D graphics in the hands of a phone user.”

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