VirginTech Most Popular Articles in 2009: Best of VirginTech [Part 1]

December 9, 2009

in Tools & Extras

In this post we will be compiling some of the best and most popular articles on VirginTech. So all those VirginTech readers who recently came to know about VirginTech should read them.

1] How To Add Bing Search To Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE: Microsoft Bing Tips If you want to add Microsoft’s new search engine Bing to your favourite browser then its a must read post for you. After reading it you will be able to add bing search in opera, firefox, chrome and I.E.

2] How To Check The Validity Of IMEI Number Of A Mobile Phone: Mobile Security If you want to perform a IMEI number check for its validity then read this post. It will let you know how you can check your IMEI number’s validity.

3] How To Find A Valid IMEI Number Of A CellPhone: Mobile Phone Security This post again is related to IMEI number of a mobile phone, in which we have talked about various ways by which you can find a valid IMEI number of your phone.

4] Simplest Way To Submit Your Blog Content To All Of Your Social Networks: If you are a blogger then obviously you want to submit your blog content to various social networks. But if you want, to reduce the manual effort from your side and you want to automate this blog content submission process, then this post will help you a lot.

5] How To Invite Others To Google Wave: This particular post tells you how you can invite others to Google wave, if you have recently got your wave invite then this post might be helpful to you. Also if you are not much familiar with Google wave, then you may headover to this link: Google Wave Tips & Tricks for getting started with your Wave account.

6] Block Annoying Facebook Applications & Facebook Quizzes: If your facebook wall is cluttered with annoying facebook quizzes  and application messages, then read this post and you will be able to get rid of annoying facebook quizzes and applications.

7] How To Search/Find People, Applications, Groups On Facebook: Finding friends and other stuff on facebook is really not that easy. But this comprehensive guide will let you know some basic facebook search operators with which you can easily find out people, applications and groups on facebook.

8] Top 3 Sites To Download Free Mobile Apps, Games, Wallpapers, Themes & More: In this post we have compiled a list of top 3 sites from where you can get completely free wallpapers,themes, games, videos etc to boost up your mobile phone.

There lots of other popular articles on VirginTech, we will let you know about them in next part of “VirginTech Most Popular articles” series. So stay tuned, we will be posting the next part soon.

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