Your Chrome Not Asking For Saving Password For A Site? Here is the Fix for it

October 31, 2009

in Tools & Extras

Sometimes you don’t want your browser to save password for any particular site. So when you provide your login details to get logged in to that site you click “Never for this site” and login details for that site is not saved. Also chrome doesn’t asks you to save those details even on your next visit to that site. So this article will let you know how you can enable password saving in chrome for a particular site for which you have not allowed chrome to save the login details.

How to enable the password saving in chrome for sites for which you’ve disabled password remembering?

Step 1: Go to settings of your chrome browser. Click on “Options”. Now click on the “Personal stuff” tab and then click on “Show Passwords“.

Google Chrome Options

Step 2: Now a pop up window will appear, click on Exceptions tab in this window. Now look for the URL/address of the site for which chrome is not saving password. Suppose if you have choosen not to save password of your twitter account then you can find the twitter URL in Exceptions.

Chrome not remembering passwords

Click on that URL and then click on Remove. That’s it! Its all done. Now on your next visit to twitter or any other site,  for which password remembering was disabled, chrome will ask you for saving its password.

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1 Chris November 4, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Oh thanks Shahab for the solution, i was facing this problem for the last few weeks!


2 sandeep pillai January 13, 2010 at 9:11 am

This option is not available for Mac. Can anybody tell how to do it for mac – chorme version?


3 Mark March 23, 2010 at 12:39 pm

I used the ‘clear browsing data’ option and cleared all options out of my browsing history. When I returned to my website, Chrome STILL WILL NOT OFFER ME TO SAVE MY PASSWORD. And since I cleared everything, there is nothing in the EXCEPTIONS tab to “REMOVE”.

Ugh, this is infuriating.

Google, please fix this. Please allow me to make my own password decisions and change my mind about those decisions.


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